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How do I Hire You? 

Your Real Estate Attorney will need to contact Esen Edip. Once your Attorney hires Esen Edip to be on your team, you can be sure you are in the best hands. 

Do I need Title Insurance on my home purchase? 

Yes. Whether you are purchasing your first or 100th home, you need to hire someone to verify your purchase is clear of trouble and headaches! 

What if an alert comes up during the Title Search? 

Esen will discuss all alerts with you and your Attorney. Your Attorney will then discuss with you your legal options and what they feel is best for you. 

Does the Title Insurance Company Clean Up Alerts? 

No. A Title Insurance Agency is there to research and find anything from the past, present and possible future alerts that can be an issue with the property you are purchasing. The Attorney will speak with you about what options you may have on the findings. 

Why is choosing the right Title Insurance Agent Just as Important as Choosing my Realtor & Attorney? 

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