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Why Esen Edip?

Why Esen Edip?

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How A Purchase CEMA Can Help You

How A Purchase CEMA Can Help You

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The Formula For Success

The Formula For Success

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The Esen Edip Team

When your deal matters, trust me to get the job done!



My name is Esen Edip, and I am a highly experienced title insurance agent. I’m passionate about producing titles, helping clients with contract due diligence, and being an active part of the high-stakes New York real estate market.  What I love the most is getting my clients to the closing table fast. For 20 years I have successfully outperformed within the real estate industry, closing more than 10,000 real estate transactions as either the owner of Titles of New York or as the business manager of a boutique real estate law firm. 


I firmly believe the saying that “no two deals are ever alike.” Why do I believe that? Because every client, broker, and property is unique – with all of those variables, you have to treat each deal as a unique event. Having managed over 10,000 real estate closings instilled in me a deep understanding, combined with an extensive expertise, about just how to do my job flawlessly. 

When your deal matters, trust me to get the job done!
I currently work with realtors, attorneys and loan officers from a large number of agencies and companies. Our common goal is to provide the required title insurance to ensure that their client walks away with clean title to their new home. I have a successful track record, first as the owner/operator of Titles of New York, and now as a salesperson for Kensington Vanguard National Land Services. I’m always prepared to get the job done right – the first time.

I’m the title insurance agent that brokers, attorneys and loan officers can depend upon to ensure a seamless title insurance application process, in order to facilitate a quick closing for their transaction. 




The Mann Foundation, Leading Lady in Real Estate


Fidelity Title Outstanding Professional Standards


Roy Pollack Award, Fordham Graduate Business School, Top Field Study Consultant, for work with GE Aircraft Division and Microsoft Middle East Division


Stewart Title Circle of Excellence


The Mann Foundation Award for Best in Residential Real Estate

The Foundation of a Successful Deal

Just like with the construction of a new building, to be solid, a real estate deal must rest on 4 pillars:

1. The right realtor

3. The right mortgage loan originator

2. The right attorney

4. The right title expert

I am the right title expert to assure that you have all 4 pillars solidly in place, so the deal is brought to a successful close!

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Why do I work in title insurance?

Before I opened my own agency, I worked in a real estate law firm. I interacted with many title agencies which were supposed to serve our mutual clients. I often saw errors and misplaced priorities – far more than I thought was appropriate in an industry focused on creating clean title for property owners. I decided there had to be a better way.
I had the hunger to work hard, and the thirst to be the best. When I saw an opportunity in title insurance to redefine the way deals are handled – I jumped in, and never looked back. I started my agency with a simple goal – to offer an unparalleled experience with the title insurance process. I bring my knowledge, expertise, and commitment to fulfill that goal for our clients today. I work hard to save time and money by assuring that deals get to the closing table faster.
I have a track record with no unnecessary delays and no adjournments – I’m proud of that accomplishment! I love being the go to title expert. Do what you love – love what you do!

The bottom line

Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers and Loan Officers like you are committed to an on-time closing – a goal you share with my team of title experts. This is important for your current customers, and for developing repeat business and referrals. Join me, and ask for Esen Edip as your title expert!

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